Made in Me



Creative, Product, Mobile, Games, BAFTA

When I was at Made in Me we cooked up a random idea for turning your phone (which can see with the camera and hear with the microphone) into a play partner in a game of hide and seek, or as we liked to call it... hide and sneak.

The app was simple, you would have to wait in total silence for small creatures to start appearing on the screen. As with real wildlife, if they see or hear you then they will flee so the trick is to be quiet and v-e-r-y slow. If you can reach your phone without scaring them off then you tap the screen to take a photo, like a wildlife photographer! The aim of the game was to see if you could successfully snap all the strange beasts in the game.

We were both startled and proud when Sneak was nominated for a BAFTA. We lost out to Moshi Monsters... remember them?